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Money Advice for Your Successful Remarriage

Money Advice for Your Successful Remarriage has triumphantly summed up all aspects of remarriage that involves money which makes it not only a must-read for every remarried couple but also a must-keep in their libraries. The principles behind every tips and advice are timeless and are applicable today as they were 20 years ago and […]

Step Coupling by Susan Wisdom

This is a book I have recently read and is full of practical advice and well worth a read in my opinion.  Below is a synopsis of the book and also the views of other readers that have been extracted from  Even though I liked the book I have extracted the reviews exactly as […]

The 4 Seasons of Marriage by Gary Chapman

Gary Chapman has come up with another great book that is applicable to any married couple.  The 4 seasons of marriage is not a journey through marriage from the wedding day to death do us part, but states we can find our marriages in at any time as they are constantly changing due to shifting […]

Step Wise: A Parent-Child Guide to Family Mergers

Step Wise: A Parent-Child Guide to Family Mergers is a no-nonsense guide full of practical tips for step-parents who want to foster healthy relationships with their step-children. Written in 2001 by a stepfather and stepdaughter, the book is based on the wisdom of their shared experience. Step Wise is a layman’s-guide. Divided into 45 insights, […]

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