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Second Marriages and Stepchildren

But like most problems, there are things that can be done when you have stepchildren and still be able to enjoy a relatively cohesive second marriage. The first thing is to have understanding and to realize that anything worth having takes time and hard work. Also, realize that realistic expectations will be knowing that: – […]

How Do You Bond With Your Step Family?

Going through a divorce is a distressing and heartbreaking experience for any individual, but if you have children who are going through the divorce with you, then it surely intensifies the stress. If you decide to re-marry you need to take into consideration your family as well as your spouse-to-be. Re-marrying is not just about […]

My Husband Won’t Let Me (Step) Parent

Dear Lauren,  I adore my step-children and I want to share in their lives.  My husband seems to resent this.  He often speaks in terms of ‘me’ and ‘mine’ when referring to them or to activities that we share with these children.  I have no children of my own and understood when we got married […]

Replace Stepfamily Myths With Realistic Expectations

Typical multi-home stepfamilies are similar to intact biological families in a number of ways. At the same time, they also differ structurally, developmentally, and dynamically in over sixty ways! People unaware of these differences, and what they mean to typical adults, kids and supporters, risk unconsciously using inappropriate or harmful biological family norms and expectations […]

Step Families – the Trouble With Expectations

Step families have their own version of a “happily ever after” myth – generally there’s an expectation that the remarriage will heal the family from the trauma of divorce. My son was nine, and my husband’sdaughter was six when we married; in my mind we were creating a perfect family of four, just as I had […]

Blended family: Wish or Compromise!

Remarriage affect the power dynamics within marriage. It witness changes in men and women in terms of marital power across their first-marriage, divorce and remarriage. It is observed that male ego and social setup cannot tolerate women’s market worth more when he compares with his worth! On the contrary domestically oriented women do undergo a […]

Improving the Odds For Successful Second Marriages

Divorce rates have long been overstated. Recent research indicates that for more educated couples who are over 25 when they marry, the rate of divorce is probably only about 30%. Even for those couples who are less educated or younger when they marry, divorce rates are less than 50%. While data for second marriages is currently very […]

Second Marriage – want to have a secured life again?

Second Marriage have become quite popular in this generation. Uneven things happen between couples due to which they get separated. You can safeguard your second marriage with some useful tips. Don’t disrespect your spouse. Spouses need appreciation. They need to know they are appreciated. Here all issues begin between marriages. Better is to inquire about medical […]

Remarriage Can Be Magic

Remarriage is tricky. Actually, marriage of any kind is tricky. To have a healthy marriage or remarriage, you need to develop many skills and have great determination to succeed. Remarriage, though, has far more challenges than a first marriage. The good news, though, is that if you can get past those challenges, remarriage can be magic!Here […]

Remarriage after divorce

Divorce is a very painful experience. It leaves some unwanted memories and people who had gone through divorce usually become cautious when they want to start a new relationship with someone else. Remarriage after divorce might be a confusing decision to take. Because people will try to avoid all the mistakes that happened in the previous marriage and they […]

New Beginnings: The Gift Of Starting Over

I recently had the pleasure of seeing the movie, “50 First Dates” starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. (Note: this article contains spoilers for the movie. If you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want me ruining the surprise, you might want to put this article aside until after you’ve seen it.) The main character, […]

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