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Women bear twice the domestic load

New data analysis released by the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) has shown Australian women spend around twice as much time on childcare and household work than men. The AIFS’ fact sheet, Families Working Together – Getting The Balance Right was released to coincide with National Families Week (15-21 May). It reveals mothers with […]

Getting Your Family Organized

Getting Your Family Organized

Getting organized is not just about organizing yourself. It’s about organizing your family as well. No man (or woman) can do it alone – at least not without driving themselves crazy! From time to time, I have been asked by my clients to help them not only get better organized around the house but get […]

Marriage Help For Men – Doing Your Part

For many years, I was clueless about this arrangement called marriage. It shouldn’t surprise me how many men have trouble in marriage, but it still does. We men seem to have very selfish ideas about housework, bills, children, and especially relationship maintenance. Sure, most of us go out and slay the career beast, but, let’s […]

Should Working Men Do Chores?

Running a household is a tedious job especially if the woman works. When some wives think about the tasks generally fall on their shoulders, they sometimes want to scream. Why am I the one who is in charge of the laundry, the bills, the cooking, the housecleaning, the grocery shopping, and the kids’ activities? Many […]

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