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Love, Marriage and Money

Love, Marriage and Money

The f-word. Finances. Combining love and money may be the biggest stumbling block on the path of true love, creating more rifts in relationships than in-laws, drug and alcohol addiction, or infidelity. Financial power struggles challenge even the most solid partnership. Unfortunately, money too often equates to control in a relationship. The delicate balance of […]

Why Money Matters in Marriage

Why Money Matters in Marriage

As the old Beatles song goes, “Money can’t buy me love.” However, the fact remains that money plays a very important role in our relationships. Indeed, if you have decided to get engaged, this is when the soul-searching begins. No, I’m not referring to choosing the perfect caterer for your dream wedding, but to the […]

Steps to Creating Financial Intimacy in Your Relationship

It is no secret that money problems cause more arguments between couples than any other family problems and has been identified as one of the major contributing factors to why couples divorce. The reality is that oftentimes couples are not taught the necessary skills to manage and communicate about their finances prior to getting married. […]

House Hunting For the Blended Family

House Hunting for the Blended Family Budget Discuss with your future spouse the ideal budget for a new home. Make sure you choose a range that you can afford. Try to keep your house payments to 25% of your income (33% at the very most.) You may have two houses that need selling. Make sure at least one of […]

Financial Bliss for the Blended Family

Ask anyone who’s merged two families into a new family unit and they’ll tell you it’s a bit of a challenge. In addition to learning how to adjust to new roles and rules, blended families face the complicated task of combining their finances. Keep these seven tips in mind to enhance the financial compatibility of […]

Finances in a Blended Marriage – How to Avoid Money Potholes

Second marriages have their own challenges and potholes, particularly concerning money, and especially when step-kids are involved. Any time a family is blended together the potential exists for conflict. And financial conflict is always the worst kind in any relationship. Indeed, money differences may well have been responsible for the breakup of the first marriage. […]

Tips to discuss finances with your spouse

As much as most couples deny it, money is one of the main reasons they argue. Differences in salaries, spending habits, attitude towards money can make it difficult for couples to manage their finances. Most newlyweds enter marriage not fully knowing what money issues can bring especially if there are still loans to finish off, […]

3 Tips for Newlyweds to Invest Your Money Wisely

You and your fiancé have probably already had to make a few big decisions together – pick a date…how many people…where to have the wedding…Were all of these decisions easy? Did you always agree? Decisions and plans abound. The more you do up front, the better off you will be, so: Don’t leave out working […]

Managing Finances As a Couple – What is Best

You may find it difficult to manage finances together when you’ve been acustom to managing your finances alone. But when you become part of a couple, many things change, and your finances are no exception! Some couples take the traditional path of blending all their money together, however today more and more couples are deciding […]

Finance and the Family

The breaking point in many marriages has been finances. Couples argue over when to spend, what to spend, how to share but remain financially independent, and similar financial issues. Certain couples argue throughout their entire lives about finances and it’s an issue that is almost never resolved. What if there were simple steps to take […]

Financial tips every married couple should know

Many marriages end in divorce due to disagreements over money. For some reason, finances are not often comfortably discussed by married couples. While there may be financial advice available, married couples still find themselves fighting over money. If you and your spouse often argue over your finances, consider some of these financial tips for married […]

Investing in your Marriage

1. Investing time in your marriage. Marriage needs time. Find and make time for your relationship to grow. Choose a day bi-weekly or monthly for the two of you, and that day should not be given or negotiated away. Block that day in your diary, and don’t cancel that important appointment. 2. Investing money in […]

Marriage Counseling: Financial Stress and Crisis

“How to mend your Marriage when the Bank is breaking”. Financial stress is overtaking many marriages today. It can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back when there are other issues in a marriage. Financial worries invite couples to play the “blame game”. No one is taking their own portion of responsibility, each just […]

Top Finance Mistakes Newly wed Couples Should Avoid

Marriage binds two people together in a lot of aspects. One of the most important aspects being shared by couples is their financial matters. More often than not, newlyweds make the mistake of not talking abouthow they would tackle and deal with their financial issues. This leads to the mishandling of their money and sometimes, results to dysfunctional […]

How to manage money after getting married?

Couples should remember that when they made their vows, they promised that they would stay together, “for richer or for poorer”. However, most wedded couples nowadays cannot seem to survive their marriage when it comes to financial problems. Financial problems are due to poor money management skills. Most couples who fight over money usually stick […]

Priorities Bring Focus to the Family Budget

For many families the household budget can be an intense source of familial conflict. Not everyone always agrees with how the money should be spent or how it should be managed. More often then not the rest of the family reluctantly defers to whoever brings home the most pay when it comes to financial decision […]

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