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Save Your Failing Marriage From Burning Out

marrying again

Don’t give up if you feel your marriage is failing — most of the time it is well worth it to try to keep your marriage from burning out. There are many things you can do that aren’t difficult or time consuming. Mostly they are ones that show understanding and compassion for your spouse. If […]

Divorce to Remarriage: Stop! Couple Time!

Divorce to Remarriage Stop Couple Time

Divorce is a crazy time in everyone’s life. Once we’re able to move forward into a new relationship and begin thinking about remarriage, life may begin to feel more comfortable. But, this is a relationship just like any relationship and it requires regular maintenance. But how do we fit that maintenance in, with everything else […]

9 Signs Emotional Intimacy is Suffering in a Marriage

Marriage quickly deteriorates into a boring, cold, and lonely existence for one or both mates when the couple loses emotional intimacy in the marriage. Emotional connectedness of couples has diminished so greatly today, husbands and/or wives become unhappy in the marriage. Then, the marriage can grow silent, angry, or resentful. This is where extramarital affairs […]

Relationship Advice: What Is Needed For Deeper Emotional Intimacy

“I’m tired of feeling alone in my marriage.” ~Christian, married three years Often times, when couples complain about a break down in communication or some other marital/relationship problem, part of their distress centers around feeling emotionally disconnected from each other. This lack of emotional intimacy is often a warning sign that something needs to be addressed in your […]

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