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Spending Addiction – Save Your Marriage

Spending Addiction - Save Your Marriage

Money can be the source of financial stress, resentment and arguments for many couples. Many marriages have caved in under the pressure of too much debt, poor investment choices, spending addictions, or overspending to maintain a lifestyle that is financially inappropriate. In this article I’m going to discuss spending addictions. You know you have a […]

Save This Marriage – My Partner is an Addict

A happy and successful marriage will have things such as honesty and good communication between the spouses and it goes without saying that trust is extremely vital as well. If the bond of trust between the parties is broke then this means that the relationship has suffered a devastating blow to its integrity as well […]

Effects of Pornography on Marriage 

Despite the claims of some that pornography can be a helpful marital aid, many researchers assert that the effects of pornography actually serve to decrease marital satisfaction.In fact, due to the negative effects of pornography, couples who use it (compared to those who don’t) actually have less frequent sex and less satisfying sex. One of […]

Drug Addiction Treatment for Women Facing Divorce

Marriages can suffer annihilating effects from drugs and alcohol abuse. There have been issues like financial problems, health problems and emotional instability as a result of substance abuse which leaves load of burden and responsibilities on the spouse’s shoulders. If drug addiction treatment for women is not summoned quickly, it could turn out worse and […]

Stop Drinking and Save Your Marriage Now!

Life takes on a feverish ‘spin’ when alcoholism becomes the root of unwanted behavioral problems in family life and the scenario becomes worse if there are kids in the family… Showing signs of being too dependent on alcohol is the first sign of trouble and if prolonged, and still denied by the alcoholic, will lead […]

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