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Engaged Now What? How will you tell your Ex?


Your’re engaged now what ? Well first of all Congratulations! However it isn’t quite the same being engaged when you’ve been married before.  There are a lot more people to think about and people to inform (sensitively) before you tell the world. To start with, one of the questions that I get asked frequently  is ‘”Should […]

The Big Announcement

The roller coaster of emotions, the excitement and trepidation, oh you can’t believe how lucky you just are… You’re Engaged! Now you are about to announce it to the world.  Apart from asking details about the proposal, and whether you said YES, you need to be ready with the answers to two questions: When do […]

Engaged? Should you tell your Ex?

One of the questions that is frequently raised is ‘Should I tell my former spouse that I have gotten engaged?’. The answer is definitely yes, especially if you have children together. How you tell them will largely depend on how well (or poorly) you get on. It is best to contact them as soon as you have told your […]

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