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Whether sanctified by the state, blessed by the church or a personal de facto agreement between two who wish to become one.  When you come right down
to it ‘marriage’ is the coming together of hearts and minds in love.

We believe it takes patience, humour and a whole lot of love to make a strong, solid and passionate union.nnIt can be the most important and fulfilling creation of our lives, full of brightness and warmth.  Unfortunately too often the passion is lost over time.  Work, children, physical tiredness and aging all take their toll.

However it does not have to happen to you, and we will show you how you can change all that.

To have a family that is strong and resilient takes some hard work, tough decisions, open communication and a whole lot of love.  That is why we are called  A LOVE TO LAST.



Second Chance for a Love To Last


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Gillian is passionate about defying the statistics around second marriages (and relationships) ending due to the stresses experienced by couples who get overwhelmed by the
complexities and challenges when finding love again after divorce or the death of a spouse.

She takes you on a journey from understanding the history and evolution of marriage, the impact of global change on our relationships, knowing yourself, understanding your partner, building a strong and compatible relationship through to the aspects of merging families, finances and lifestyle.


Find out about the Seven Heartbreakers that Second Union couples face and how to avoid them taking over your life.

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