The Love2Last Method


You may have noticed on our site that we talk about the seven heartbreakers of second unions.  At Love2last we have been researching what are the biggest threats to your relationships and have identified the 20% of reasons that cause 80% of the issues.

These seven ‘heartbreakers’ form the basis of the Love2Last method, that aims to turn your heartbreakers into ‘love-makers’.  If they are not addressed they can whittle away at your love until it threatens the very relationship itself.

The seven areas we tackle are:

If two or more of these potential heartbreakers resonate with you then you need to actively work together as a couple to overcome them and create a strong foundation..

You probably know the divorce statistics for first marriages but did you know that second unions have a 10% higher rate of not making it.  Our mission is to reduce these statistics significantly, and so the Love2Last method helps us to offer to you practical solutions so you can create a love to last a lifetime, this time.


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