Nurturing Your Family

You’d planned to bond with your stepdaughter and grow vegetables in the backyard. You dreamed your son would be best friends with his stepbrother. Your partner will look after the car pool to give you time for your workout. You had such high hopes for creating home sweet home from day one.   But things aren’t working out quite the way you planned. It doesn’t feel like a house of love, not to you, not to your partner and, not to the children.

A new marriage does not get the luxury of building a home from scratch. It comes with children and exes and a whole lot of baggage. So what do you do about it? First of all, don’t give up or give in. You need time, patience and a whole lot of love for all those involved. Each is an individual and need nurturing in his own way.

This section is for those of you with children. Whether just one of you has children, you have brought together two families, or are adding to your family. It contains advice and strategies that will help you to grow into the loving family you dream about.



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