Share Physical Intimacy – 10 Ways to Keep Igniting Sparks in Your Marriage

10 Ways to Keep Igniting Sparks in Your MarriageIs it possible to share physical intimacy on a constant basis?. Has the flame flickered in your marriage? All relationships are likely to go up and down. Marriages should have times of intensity and relaxation, seriousness and fun! To keep the flame going in your marriage, you need sparks to show up on a regular basis. How do you accomplish that task? Some practical ideas will keep the marriage revived after times of relaxation, boredom, or even after a general drifting of interest.

Here are 10 practical ways to keep igniting sparks in your marriage:

1. Remember special days
2. Put little notes around where your spouse can find them
3. Husbands, open the door for your wife
4. Keep dating throughout your marriage
5. Keep learning
6. Plan a romantic getaway
7. Plan a recreational getaway
8. Husbands, keep learning how to make your wife feel loved
9. Wives, keep learning how to make your husband feel respected
10. Learn physical techniques to improve your lovemaking experiences

These ten practical ideas will help you to share intimacy in your marriage.

Remember days like anniversaries, birthdays, and other days that are just special to you as a couple.

Putting little notes where your spouse can find them can spice things up. Likely, the wife will be able to do this more naturally than her husband; so when he does it, that action will be really special to his wife.

What many would call an old-fashioned idea would be to get into the habit of the husband opening the door for his wife. Both know she is perfectly capable of opening the door herself, but the frequency of this habit can serve as a reminder that the husband should be tender and loving toward his wife. Your friends may kid you about the practice, but the wives will probably kid you with a sense of admiration.

Keep dating throughout your marriage. Just remember that a date does not have to be expensive. If finances are tight, just do something together.

Have a commitment to keep learning. Every marriage can be improved. When a marriage seminar comes to town, generally two types of people show up-those who are desperate, and those who others would say have great marriages. Why do those in the second group come? It is because they have a commitment to learn all they can about investing in their marriages.

Plan a romantic getaway. This will especially benefit most wives.

Plan a recreational getaway. One study showed that many men had a major need in his marriage to have his wife as a recreational companion.

Husbands, keep learning how to make your wives feel loved. This is one of her greatest needs.

Wives, keep learning how to make your husbands feel respected. This is one of his greatest needs.

Learn physical techniques to improve your lovemaking experience. You can find discreet information on this topic if you look hard enough.

These are 10 practical ways to keep creating sparks in your marriage. Notice that most of them deal with activities outside the bedroom. All of life is related, and these actions put together will help you both to share physical intimacy.

(Copyright 2008 by Randy Carney) This article is based on an excerpt from a chapter in Dr. Carney’s forthcoming book, The LOVING Way to a Successful Marriage: Six Keys to Marital Bliss.


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