Relationship Advice – Splitting Up Household Chores In A Marriage

Relationship Advice - Splitting Up Household Chores In A MarriageMarriage is meant to be a give-and-take relationship. It isn’t fair or right for one spouse to be left with all of the household chores. Even if one spouse works full-time and the other one stays home, that doesn’t mean the stay-at-home partner should be left with everything house-related. It is possible to split up some of the chores and keep it more balanced.

Some people might say… “I work all day, why should I have to do housework or household chores when I get home?” Well, consider your spouse. Your way means once you arrive at the door of your home in the evening your responsibilities are finished for the day and only start again when you get up the next morning! If your partner has been cleaning, running errands, dealing with your children, bills, laundry, etc. all day, when you arrive home their chores still aren’t finished.

They still have dinner to prepare, and then cleaning up after that. With children, it also means bath time, pajamas and getting them to bed. By then, their enthusiasm and energy are really spent. It will be difficult for them to have time for their spouse after all that.

A better plan is help with chores once you are home and then there is time left in the evening for the two of you. Plus, helping out shows you care about your partner, which no doubt they will reciprocate in private. Wouldn’t it be much more pleasant to have some alone time with your partner instead of only seeing them before you turn out the light to go to sleep?

So how do you delegate chores? Go with your strengths. If one person is better at a particular task, let them take on that job. If a particular chore is left to one spouse all the time, the other spouse should offer to handle that chore for short time and give them a break. The relief will be much appreciated.

To keep things organized, devise a chore chart. This way, a person sees their chores at the beginning of the week. If they have extra time, they can work on them early and be finished before the end of the week. This could free up the weekends for you both.

If one person is finishing their chores before the other, the chore list might have to be re-done to create fairness. Before long, things will be getting accomplished much more quickly and efficiently, leaving more time to spend together doing whatever you both love to do.

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