Relationship Advice – Five Ways To Deal With Addiction In A Marriage

Relationship Advice - Five

Addictions can devastate lives, shatter marriages and destroy careers. Whether it is alcohol, porn or drugs, addictions can start as harmless urges for attention and transform into thieves that steal the individual you loved and decided to marry. With much work and several steps, a marriage cannot only be saved from an addiction, but may also grow stronger.

First, you should identify the type of addiction. If you do not know the kind of addiction you are dealing with, it will be difficult to combat it and save your marriage. Therefore, look at the signs and find the appropriate help.

For example, your husband could be addicted to porn if he spends most of his time behind the computer surfing inappropriate content. You could also find out if a spouse is addicted to and obsessed with another person, especially if he or she reduces interest in you without a reason and spends most of their time communicating or chatting with them.

Second, be honest regarding the addiction. The addiction will not go away on its own if you choose to ignore it. Be convinced the addiction really exists before you start looking for help. If you turn a blind eye towards it, a time will come when it will be hard to ignore.

Third, get help for yourself and your spouse. There is a really high likelihood you may not be able to assist your spouse with their addiction single-handedly. There are numerous resources for persons who are struggling with addictions and their spouses. Interacting with others who have been able to conquer addictions can really inspire your spouse to get through this situation.

Fourth, support the addict. Even though at times the case of addiction calls for lots of tough love, it is imperative you support your spouse. It is not easy to overcome an addiction.

If you do not support your spouse, he or she could just relapse, get discouraged or wonder whether they should even attempt to get over the addiction. Therefore, remind your spouse of the great things in your marriage and show them you love them even when you don’t ‘like’ their addiction. This will fuel them to go through the addiction and get out as a sober and clean individual.

Fifth, strengthen the communication with your spouse. Talking with them is not only crucial during a regular marriage, but also essential when handling an addiction. It is during these tough moments you should reinforce your emotional connection and relationship.

What destructive emotions are at the heart of the problems you are experiencing with your relationship. Do you have an addiction? If so, maybe you need to get control of what you are really telling yourself.

For nearly 25 years Beverleigh Piepers has searched for and found the principles to help you get to the root causes of your crisis.

The solution is not in the endless volumes of information you find across the internet, or the advice your friends give… it’s in yourself; the thoughts that make you who you are.


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