Have you been bruised in love? Are you having arguments about the children? Do you get a feeling of déjà vu with things that went wrong in yout last relationship? Are you tearing your hair out and struggling with a sense of worth? Do you ask yourself “Why can’t I figure it out when my friends can”? or “Can I do this right this time or am I making the wrong decision again? Have I even figured out what I did wrong last time?”.

Do you have a confidence issue within yourself? Would you like some tips and coaching so you and your partner can work on the stresses that cause loss of connection, and sometime breakdowns in relationships?
Our programs are here so you can get really clear as to how you can make your ‘love to last’. Whether this is through one-on-one conversations, webinars or using our various Love2Last tools or just a chat from time to time.

We want you to be in a relationship where your eyes are wider open to the blind spots that can so easily sabotage you. It may also help you to have a new perspective on what was missing from your previous one, or how you can grow as a person that will be reflected on your relationship, your family and your everyday life.

It is not people that will break your heart; it is the things inside the relationship that will wear you down. So it all comes down to make or break! By understanding the seven heartbreakers and seven love makers, you can address them head-on. If you focus on the love makers, these are the ones that will give you the magical and memorable moments, and a deepening and more fulfilling love.

Bringing both sides into balance not just helps your love to grow but helps you to better understand each other, your family and those close to you. You will finally see why people act the way they do!

So contact us, watch our webinars, read our material and you will be well on your way to creating the awesome and sustained relationship you dreamed of when you first fell in love.


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