Encore Weddings Series



Why will your encore wedding be so different from your first wedding?  Whether you  are planning to have the full white wedding, a sit down extravaganza, a destination wedding, or a very small intimate wedding, it WILL be different.

Our Encore weddings eBook series has been created to be your ultimate wedding planning partner.  To save you from searching through dozens of websites, buying numerous glossy magazines and books, reading article after article and seeking advice from other encore couples, we have brought it all together for at a fraction of the cost of both $$$ and your valuable time.

We have sought answers to the most common etiquette questions being asked, researched popular options for venues, ceremonies, attire, styles, themes etc.  We have applied a unique encore wedding perspective to vows, ceremonies, bridal party roles, speeches, photography and many other popular items you might want to include in your wedding.

In this 3 e-book series, you will find the answers to:

  • What is the etiquette for your wedding
  • Why are encore weddings so different (and fun!)
  • How to include children in your wedding
  • How to deal with different roles e.g. Father of the Bride
  • How to decide on locations, themes, budget etc.
  • Personalising your wedding
  • Honeymoon or Familymoon
  • Should you have a hen or stag night

And many more amazing ideas, tips and advice for you!