Parenting With Love and Logic

Parenting With Love and LogicParenting with love and logic is a real challenge in itself. Gone are the days when a controlling attitude was all the more desirable and kids never used to raise an objection to the despotic dispositions of their mommies and daddies. But times have changed and now the children have become much more intelligent and hence the phenomenon of parenting with love and logic becomes very tough in the current scenario. That is why the idea of this type of parenting means empathy and understanding rather than issuing orders and expecting the children to abide by them.


Another thing in the course of parenting with love and logic to take care of is the belief that one does not have complete control over his life. There are circumstances that are beyond one’s realm of understanding and expectations. This is very crucial for those who want to nurture their kids with love and care, a prime ingredient of parenting. More often than not, situations pop up in that are totally against the hope of the parent. But in that case, a prime demand of parenting is to not panic and handle the instance with grace and calmness. This not only builds up the element of love and trust in the hearts of the kids for their mothers and fathers but it also fulfills the basic demand of parenting.


In addition to that, there are many sources of help that can be consulted by the parents of today in order to understand the further essentials of parenting that contains elements of love and logic. There are magazines, articles on the World Wide Web (all part of the collective context of help in terms of this particular parenting style) as well as online and offline forums in which people with similar circumstances exchange views and ideas about whatever their issues of concern are and how they can enhance their art of parenting with elements of love and logic. However one must be certain of one fact: parenting requires a lot of planning, patience, observation and understanding and should never be taken lightly or else such type of  parenting can even result in worsening the sensitive relationship if not done properly.


Furthermore the electronic media is playing a pivotal role in shaping the young mindsets therefore in order to accomplish the objective of parenting with love and logic, the moms and dads should employ thoughtful strategies to strike a balance between freedom and restraints in terms of the television watching hours as well as internet usage curfews. Also in the course of parenting, there should be enough trust for the child to reach for the support of his parent if there is any question or curiosity in lieu of searching for other sources of enlightenment to satisfy his reservations. This is indeed a much more safe way of parenting that relies on love and logic. To cut a long story short, the art of parenting with love and logic is an ocean of comprehension and takes a bit of experience, sympathy and effort to cruise through it smoothly and successfully.



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