Marital Conflicts Due to Unequal Division of Chores – How to Resolve This

Marital Conflicts Due to Unequal Division of Chores - How to Resolve ThisIf the marital conflict or disagreements and arguments in your relationship stem from the unequal division of chores then, according to a Swedish study on “Domestic Work and Psychological Distress” in relationships, published in the peer-reviewed Journal “Plos One“, a good way to resolve this is to divide up household chores fairly. If one partner contributes more to the relationship in another way, such as by bringing in more money, then the partner who is shouldering the bulk of household chores may sometimes agree that an unequal distribution of housework is fair and appropriate. However, the researchers in this study find that if household chores aren’t divided equally between partners, most of the women are often left with the emotional stress. In addition, this also makes them feel as though they aren’t on an equal footing with their male counterparts.

Division of Chores

To avoid relationship conflict caused by the unequal division of household chores, which may sometimes lead to breakup, partners need to be a bit more conscientious. Sometimes it doesn’t matter who makes more money or contributes more financially. If one person sees a task that needs to be done, and he/she is capable of performing such a task and has the time to do it, why wait for the other person to perform this task?

If, for example, a man is home sitting all day doing nothing, other than watching television, or playing video games, it’s unfair for him to wait for his girlfriend or wife to come home and prepare dinner, plus take on a mountain load of additional household chores. Even if both partners work, the person who gets home first should at least start cooking, helping the children with homework and so on. Whether it’s meal preparation, laundry, cleaning, childcare, etc, no household chores should be gender specific as they were in colonial days. It’s called ‘helping out each other.’ In fact, when two people are in a relationship they are actually in a partnership, and what is expected of partners? To work together of course!


It’s a fact that in most marriages today, spouses’ perception of equality when it comes to the division of household chores is responsible for some of the marriage problems encountered. Thus, to avoid or resolve this, it’s of paramount importance that spouses try to share household duties as fairly as possible. All that’s required, is for both partners to be conscientious. No doubt, conflict resolution skill is also of paramount importance to the process.


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