Learning to Trust Your Partner for the Second Time Around

Learning to Trust Your Partner for the Second Time AroundTrust is a vital factor in any relationship. In a loving relationship, this is a core factor that can make or break the bond between two people. Once broken, it’s hard to mend and regain. But couples who want to try and rebuild their broken relationship may need more than just love this time; trust-building to the highest degree is needed here, so does commitment and time for healing.

If you’ve been hurt by an unforgivable situation, ask your partner if his/her intention this time is to keep the relationship harmonious for good. It’s easier said than done, but you need to keep the lines of communication open especially at this point. It’s more than just starting from scratch; it’s more like getting up under a ton of rubble. But if your loved one is willing to do his/her part, you should talk about this and how it should be done.

One of the many reasons why learning to trust again is tough, is because of infidelity. Many people believe that infidelity is unforgivable, but some would try everything to regain their loved ones’ trust again. For the person who committed this, it is important to face the fact that you’ll either be reconsidered or rejected. You need to work harder if you want to regain your loved one’s trust again. But if you do get rejected, you need to stop and think of your actions and focus on not doing it again.

For the person who got hurt because your loved one went astray, you need to weigh things and see if trusting your partner again will make things better or not. Some people give second chances but on certain grounds. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But you really need to think it over, so don’t simply close the door if you are having thoughts about it. You can ask your loved one to give you time to think about what happened and if the relationship is still worth the second chance.

Setting the boundaries

Learning to trust your partner once again is like going back to zero with a heavy load on your chest. It’s trying to forgive and forget with the hopes of building a better relationship. Some couples can overcome this phase, particularly those who have a different problem instead of infidelity. Since infidelity has more gravity than other reasons, it is harder to regain trust if this is the case.

It is quite hard to estimate how many have succeeded in giving their partners a second chance after an infidelity issue. But there are those who really try to overcome this. They sacrifice more and learn harder than most couples with other problems.

For now, if you are still stuck and thinking of where to begin, start within yourself and get rid of all the negativity. It’s not right to just storm in and beg your partner to forgive you. If you’re on the other side of all this, you should do the same. Learn to clear the clutter and look into the situation in an objective way. If you are open to fix this with your partner, you should accept his/her apology and continue the communication.

With that said, you should set your grounds if you truly want to trust him/her again. Make sure that your partner understands it and its consequences as well. From there you can tell him/her that you’ll be objective with the renewed relationship with the hopes of regaining your trust upon him/her.

Learning how to trust your partner after a stormy relationship takes time and extra effort. There are no guarantees to the other person if the other can just swallow his/her pride and forgive without regrets. It should be a joint effort because both of you will benefit from it once the final decision is made.


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