Learn the Seven Heart Breakers that Destroy Relationships


What is the Number 1 cause of failing relationships?

Well my research has found that there isn’t one but there are seven key ones. If any of these top seven are not attended to, they can wear away at even the relationship that started off as appearing to have been made in heaven. Left unchecked these seven areas will definitely lead to heart break. Something that I suggest everyone must avoid, especially if you have been through it all before. So why not

Either couples will separate or they will live in a marriage that just survives at best.



I have called these the seven heart breakers:

  1. The influence of children
  2. Money stressors
  3. Unbalanced household responsibilities
  4. Loss of passion and intimacy
  5. Influence of family and friends
  6. Unrealistic expectations
  7. Behavioural and additional issues

If you have one or two heart breakers happening, or you are experiencing recent temporary stresses then your relationship is almost certainly recoverable, especially if you focus on the seven love makers instead. These are:

  1. Parenting together
  2. Congruency in financial matters
  3. Sharing the load
  4. Safeguarding the romance
  5. Honouring your partner above all others
  6. Respecting values, beliefs & goals
  7. Authentic living

Over the next few weeks, I am going to take each of the makers and breakers of relationships and talk about them in more detail, giving you some hints and tips to try out with your partner.

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