Investing in your Marriage

Investing in your Marriage1. Investing time in your marriage. Marriage needs time. Find and make time for your relationship to grow. Choose a day bi-weekly or monthly for the two of you, and that day should not be given or negotiated away. Block that day in your diary, and don’t cancel that important appointment.

2. Investing money in your marriage. Budget and spend money to nurture your relationship. We tend to spend money on cars, homes, things and others, and not on our core business as married partners: love relationship. Have a line item in your monthly budget under this title: “Investing in Our Marriage.” Don’t list this line item under the expenditure because you may be tempted to reduce or review it once you start a process of cutting expenses. List it with other monies for investments.

3. Investing resources in your marriage. Create time to attend marriage enrichment programmes or workshops in order to nurture your marriage. Buy books and videos or DVDs on building your marriage. Surf the internet and use your discretion in choosing articles that will help nurture your marriage. Approach book stores for latest information on building marriages or new information on living happily and avoiding divorce.

4. Investing in your spirituality for the sake of your marriage. Talk to God (prayer), and listen to the voice of God (Bible). Go out of your way to build your spiritual life because a happy Christian tends to be happy lover. Invest time and money books and resources in order to build your spiritual life and your relationship with God. If you can, pray together with your spouse outside of family or individual prayer time.

5. Investing in your love for each other. Do or say something sweet daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly that will invest in your love relationship. Love is like a plant – it needs caring, nurturing, watering, removing weeds, wiping, and talk to it (as some do to their plants). Cherish each other and let your partner not suspect that you love him/her. Invest in your love. Don’t make withdrawals because they will bankrupt your “love bank,” as it is commonly known by the marriage mentors. Unkind, provocative, uncaring, unfaithfulness, and rude words or acts constitute withdrawals from the “love bank”.



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