Critical Tips For Blended Family Relationships – Ignore These And You Risk Heartache

Critical Tips For Blended Family Relationships - Ignore These And You Risk HeartacheHaving met the man or woman of your dreams you are both excited about taking this new relationship to the next level. Unfortunately, whilst you are both positive about your relationship together, you are not so certain about another aspect to your relationship.

Both of you are divorced and both of you have children from your previous marriages. You have the worry of how the children are going to react to this next level in your relationship and how they will react to sharing their lives with other children. It’s ok, you may be worrying more than you should.

The age of the children is one of the most important factors to consider in a blended family. Children, as you know, are really very resilient little bodies and can handle changes quite easily. This is especially true if the children are pre-teens. As they enter their teens, however, they become slightly more set in their ways. Teens often have more problems accepting other children in blended family situations than children that are younger do.Therefore, the age of your children really is an important factor as to their coping degrees.

Giving your children a heads up and talking with them in advance is a great idea. Having a family meeting and explaining the role of the new partner in everyone’s lives will prove valuable because it should quell any fears a child has of that person replacing their own parent.

Confirming your love for your children is vital. Telling them that although you have  anew love interest, that your love for your children hasn’t changed at all. Letting the children know that this person may become a bigger part of your lives is a possibility, but not a definite. Letting them share their opinions and questions with you will help build an open dialogue with your children.

Easing the children into time with your partners children is paramount. Make the outings fun and light hearted. Let everyone get to know each other on neutral territory and find their own things out about each other.

Gradually spending time with each others children and not invading each families space is paramount to a happy environment. Try not to force your relationship on to the children and let them take time to re adjust to your partner and their family. These things will take time and patience. Understanding that everyone’s life has changed and will need to change around the new dynamics will be your key to making the transition smoother.



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