After Marriage Compatibility Tests – Further Steps to Success

After Marriage Compatibility Tests – Further Steps to SuccessMarriage compatibility tests can be helpful to anyone considering getting married, or perhaps even more helpful for couples who are already married. However, what do you do after you get the results?

Several tests for compatibility can be located on the internet, but the real value to a couple is to know what to do when they acquire the results of the tests.

Difficulties in marriage are often related to several different areas: There may be a challenge in the area of leaving. How do couples in ecstatic relationships handle holidays and inlaws? One of the first keys that leads to marital bliss deals with the process of leaving previous relationships (the ties do not have to be cut off completely, but they do have to be broken enough to give peace to your partner.)

Another area or step for success relates to overcoming. Habits are hard to break, but the couple that learns to get the better of some of the pull from the past will make major steps in their marriage relationship.

Another major step to success after a couple finds out their compatibility or incompatibility through testing is in the area of values. They must value each other, and they must have things in common that they share.

An additional major step to success come when a couple discovers true intimacy. What items stymie their intimacy? They will work on learning all they can about each other. They will learn to forgive. They will also give each other pleasure in the area of physical intimacy.

Couples will also see the importance of meeting each other’s needs. The husband has a need to be respected, and the wife has a need to feel loved. As one spouse meets the other’s needs, the second partner is inspired to meet the needs of the first spouse.

Probably the most important step to take is to learn principles of giving. We learn to give to each other.

So, you can see steps that can be taken in six major areas, when a couple wants to improve their compatibility: *Leaving *Overcoming *Valuing *Intimacy gaining *Needs providing *Giving.

Did you notice the first letter of each area, when put together with the others, spells, “Loving”?

Their are many secrets to marital bliss. Author, Michael Webb has discovered at least a hundred, and most of those will display themselves in one of the areas mentioned above.

Take a marriage compatibility test? Yes, but make sure you take major steps to success after you get the results!

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