About Us


Our Background

Having been through marriages, raising children, blending two families together, challenging divorces, serious illnesses, multiple national and international relocations (as global citizens), financial difficulties, citizenship issues and many more challenges that life has thrown at us, we felt more than qualified to help couples who are going through similar situations.

We also possess multiple relevant skills through our very successful professional lives and continual study to know that we are capable of providing  focused, quality and authentic services that will provide lasting impact on those who are willing to learn and adapt.  As human behaviour and coaching specialists we aim to provide pragmatic relevant services that make a difference.

What surprised us was how hard it is to find relevant information relating to remarriage and planning a second wedding. While there is plenty out there, most of you don’t have the time, patience or interest to go from site to site or book to book to glean useful times, advice and support.

Our Mission

Our research and studies have gone much deeper than first envisioned. Finding  the perception of ‘failure’ to be at the heart of so many couple’s worries, and the long-term impact that mindset has on families, especially children, is profound. For this reason we are passionate about changing how we understand our evolution through relationships and the distinctions between perceived success and failure. With more than 50% of families now not fitting the traditional role, it is time to shift our viewpoint, and put a more positive (or at least neutral) spin on the new ‘norm’.

There are many times we would have ‘thrown in the towel’ but, as so often has been proven, our strongest challenges have become our greatest joys and gifts.  Here at Love2Last we want to help you through the challenges so you can be grateful for the gifts they bring.

After divorce it was like living on a rollercoaster without rails to guide. There were special moments and terrible times.  We wish we had not been so naive to believe that we could work everything out as we went along, just because we were so much in love. After battling a life threatening illness together we believed, If we can survive this, we can survive anything. Everything else is trivial. Yet it has often been the trivial things that have challenged us the most, and there is so little reliable advice on how to deal with such matters. You are now reading what I wished for in those early years.

As we built the foundations for Love2Last we realised we would have done many things differently. But there are no mistakes in life, just lessons, and we are grateful for the opportunity to pass on to others what took us so long to learn. We never stop learning and growing, and rather than lamenting past ‘mistakes’ we continually make changes to become a better partners, parents, step parents, and most of all a counsellor to those who seek my advice. If you are interested in this website, then chances are you are willing to do whatever it takes for this love to last a lifetime…this time.
Our promise is to help you, to help yourselves to achieve this.


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